Self Help

Although these measures will not cure your hyperhidrosis, some simple steps including lifestyle changes may improve your symptoms.

Avoid soap-based products and use emollient washes which feel very different to soaps but will not remove the oils from your skin.

Make sure that you are using an antiperspirant and not just a deodorant. A deodorant alone merely masks smell, an antiperspirant contains aluminium chloride which helps to block the tubes leading from the sweat glands to the skin.
Stronger antiperspirants than those usually bought are also available and some can be prescribed by your doctor.
For more information please go to the section on antiperspirants.

Wear clothes made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wool or silk and avoid man-made synthetic fibres. These fibres allow your skin to breathe.
Wear loose fitting clothes and avoid restrictive clothing.
Black or white coloured clothes will minimise signs of sweating.
Absorbent clothing protection pads can be used to help prevent the signs of underarm sweating.
Specially designed undershirts with integrated underarm sweat protection can be worn.

Hyperhidrosis UK - Esteem Clothing Protectors

Shoes and socks
Wear leather shoes rather than those made of synthetic materials or sandals to allow your feet to breathe.
Alternate between different pairs of shoes each day.
Wear socks made from natural fibres and change regularly. Socks made from textiles incorporating silver or copper are claimed to reduce odours and some sports socks are designed to absorb moisture away from the skin.
Special absorbent insoles can be used.

Diet and foods
Spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol can all increase sweating so reducing the intake of these will help.


Patients with long term medical problems are more likely to smoke. Smoking can lead to many diseases and affects many parts of the body as well as the lungs including the skin, gums and can affect fertility. If you have hyperhidrosis and smoke, it would be worth thinking about giving up, you can find help from many sources including here.