Local Surgery

There are a number of localised procedures that are done by some surgeons to treat sweating of the underarms. The procedures are often developed by individual surgeons and can use various techniques including traditional surgery or lasers and sometimes combinations. The terms curettage, ablation or excision are often used and sometimes liposuction is used.

The aim of any type of local surgery for sweating is to either remove or deliberately injure the sweat glands to stop them working.

Most procedures are done with a local anaesthetic, meaning you will be awake and the skin of your armpit numbed up.

There are only a relatively small number of doctors who perform such procedures and whilst some are available on the NHS, the majority are only available privately.

Local surgical procedures can be successful but don't work for everybody. There is very little research regarding their long term success.

Some doctors who have done such surgery are beginning to recommend miraDry which achieves as good, if not better, results using microwaves.