Treatment Options

You will see that there are many possible treatments for hyperhidrosis but some are only available or possible for specific parts of the body affected. The type of treatment that works best or is offered by a doctor will vary depending on the severity of your sweating and measures you have already tried. You can find more information on treating hyperhidrosis on the NHS choices website.

There are some basic self-help measures you can try yourself but you should see you medical GP for diagnosis, possible prescription of antiperspirants and referral to a dermatologist at your local hospital if these measures are unsuccessful. You may wish to seek help privately and can use the find a doctor page.

Beginning with self-help and straightforward treatments progressing to more complex treatments that are administered by a nurse or doctor these are the more commonly recommended or prescribed treatments (click on each topic to find out more):

See your GP and NHS treatment
Botulinum toxin
Local surgery
Regional surgery ETS

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Or you can select an area of the body below to find out more about the treatment options: