Iontophoresis Questions

What is iontophoresis?
Tap water iontophoresis uses a special machine to pass a low voltage electrical current through the skin which is immersed in water to block the sweat glands.
Are iontophoresis machines safe?
Yes, all devices sold in the UK must have been submitted for checking and awarded a CE mark.

It is very important that the instructions are followed carefully and current is not broken when in use by removing the hands or feet suddenly.

How effective is iontophoresis?
Tap water iontophoresis works for the majority (70%) of people for treating the hands and/or feet but does not work for everyone.

For the treatment of armpit sweating it can work for up to 65% of people.

How do I know if iontophoresis will work for me before I buy a machine?
The only way to test if something works for you is to try it. Most people will try iontophoresis at a hospital dermatology department before making a decision. If they feel it helps, that is the point at which purchasing machine becomes a viable option.
Will I see an improvement after the first session of treatment?
It is very unlikely that you will notice any change after the first treatment and most patients do not notice any change in sweating until after the fourth treatment session.
How many treatment sessions will I need?
You should follow the instructions with your machine but the usual treatment schedule is to have seven sessions of treatment on days 1, 2, 4, 7 , 10, 15 and 22.

The treatment takes 20 minutes for the hands and 30 minutes for the feet.

That should bring the sweating under control. Maintenance treatments are then required as soon as you start to feel the sweating return which can be anything from a few days to a few weeks.

I missed or was unable to do my maintenance treatment, what should I do?
If too long is left between maintenance treatments then sweating will return. We recommend you wait about a week before commencing on the original seven session treatment schedule you did at the start.
What temperature should the water be?
Warm water is best but not too hot that it burns.
If I buy my own machine do I have to pay VAT?
If you are buying a machine to treat hyperhidrosis for your own use then you can make a declaration to exempt you from paying the VAT.
How much does a machine cost?
For the latest prices, please visit the SweatHelp shop.
I can't afford to buy a machine, is there anywhere I can get help?
There are very many local charities that exist to help people who live in that community so it is worth searching the web or asking at your local library. The Turn2Us website has a good search facility of local charities.

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