Medication Questions

What is an anticholinergic?
The ends of the nerves that trigger the sweat glands produce a chemical called acetylcholine to actually make the glands produce sweat. Anticholinergic medications block this chemical to reduce sweating.

The main problem with such medications is that the same chemical is also responsible for making your saliva, making your intestines move and controlling your bladder so the side effects of such drugs can be too unpleasant for many patients.

Why has my doctor given me beta-blockers for my hyperhidrosis?
For some patients anxiety causes them to sweat more so beta blockers can reduce that anxiety and might reduce sweating also.
I have heard about impregnated wipes. Where can I get these?
There is a pharmacy in Canada that makes impregnated wipes for treating hyperhidrosis but these are not licensed in the UK. You can get more details here.